Recently I have been more passionate about my journey towards seeing my dreams come true. Since you may not know me, let me share that I dream of being one of the best in music while travelling the world, with divine health, loving relationships, financial freedom, and an intimate relationship with God.

I accepted that what I am going through is a process and the way I am getting to where I want to go is truly a journey. My dreams have been crystal clear since 1999, but I have been struggling with something. 

Many of you might be able to relate to where we can do several things well. However when it comes to our own businesses, we need to be clear about how we will be most profitable, provide great value and be fulfilled in each thing we do well.

The video below caught my attention days ago because of the phrase "Success is not a destination, it is a journey"(at 15:24).  It spoke to me because where I am on my journey right now.

Like Nick Cannon, I'm pursuing success and I am a multi-tasker. I produce music via my new production and publishing company ( ), I consult in travel design ( ), I work as a seasoned executive assistant and I am a first time home-owner who hopes to sell it one day. It’s all business. The difference between Nick Cannon and I is "the focus".

I love where he shares a key success factor (at 13:38)- Focus on the right thing at the right time. 

>>side-bar: there are other key success factors in this regarding a career in entertainment.

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My next steps right now include consistent renewal in my thinking and focusing on the outcome I desire. I cannot do this alone so I’m getting help from a great resource I found. The leaders I’m getting to meet through an audio series are successful in their businesses, have amazing stories and are sharing with me how to do what they did that worked!

Leave a comment if you want to hear more about it. I’ll share with you what I am learning. P.S. click on the title if you do not see the comment box below.

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